Reba McEntire Keeps It Upbeat and Light in ACM Opening Monologue [Watch]

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Marking her sixteenth time as host of the Academy of Country Music Awards, Reba McEntire did not disappoint.

Decked out in a shimmering white gown, complete with fringe, the 64-year-old welcomed fans and artists to Las Vegas in style. “Reba Las Vegas,” she opened her monologue saying before acknowledging that she never gets tired.

“Tired of celebrating great artists and music, tired of amazing live performances, tired of being in charge of the biggest night in country, heck no. My name is Reba McEntire and I haven’t been tired in fifty three years. I’m a woman in the music business and we don’t have time for tired. Now let’s get this show tired before I need a nap,” she joked.

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Reba went straight for the gut as she got her speech started. She took on the fact that there were not women nominated for the Entertainer of the Year category this year.

“Do you know it snowed in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago. It was so cold that it froze us women out of Entertainer of the Year,” Reba said. To which Carrie raised her hand in agreement.

And that wasn’t all. Reba continued, “But you know what, that didn’t bother Kacey Musgraves because she’s been too busy carrying all her Grammy’s around.” That’s right! You tell ’em Reba.

The hostess with the mostest went on keeping it light and free of political talk, which is a warm welcome at an awards show these days. Check out Reba’s opening monologue.