Reba McEntire Releases New Song “Stronger Than The Truth” From Upcoming Album [Listen]

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Reba mcEntire new music song Stronger than the truth
Photo by Curtis Hilbun /

As we previously reported, Reba McEntire will be releasing her 29th studio album, Stronger Than the Truth, on April 5, just two days before she makes her 16th appearance as a host at the ACM Awards. And now, we’re getting a first listen to the debut single from that collection.

On February 15, Reba and her team released the title track, “Stronger Than the Truth,” to streaming services. The country music superstar has previously referred to her new music as “the most country record I’ve done in a long time,” and the new single seems to support that statement.

Written by Hannah Louise Blaylock, formerly of Eden’s Edge, and Autumn McEntire, the daughter of Reba’s brother, Pake, “Stronger Than the Truth” opens with a simple acoustic guitar and subtle fiddle supporting the entire first verse.

As the award-winning singer soars into the chorus, the arrangements gets fuller with the addition of pedal steel and drums. The music bed continues to grow, as does the story that Reba sings and, in a heartbreaking twist, it almost sounds as if it could be her personal tale of lost love.

Of course, Reba handled the 2015 announcement of her own marriage ending with remarkable grace and strength, and since then has found companionship with a new man, Skeeter Lasuzzo.

We first learned of their relationship about a year ago and now we frequently see the couple traveling, attending industry events, and celebrating holidays together, including Valentine’s Day.

“Valentines Week!!!! ❤️❤️ as the fun continues!!! #skeeterlasuzzo, Reba wrote on Instagram with a photo of her and Skeeter.