10 Taylor Swift GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 35 Has Experienced

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Taylor Swift may seemingly have it all together and feels like a person no one could ever actually hang out with, but really– she’s just like the rest of us. She’s got her crew, her feelings, her quirky habits.

She’s been there. And done that, even though she was born in 1989 and some of us already had real feelings for the New Kids on the Block in 1989.

10 Taylor Swift GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 35 Has Experienced:


1. When you and your friends decided you wouldn’t drink on work nights anymore, but “The Bachelor” was on, so.

2. That time you were being a little crazy, but you just needed someone to validate your feelings.

Even if you did destroy a few items in the process. Feelings are feelings.

3. The first time you got on Pinterest and then redecorated your entire apartment in shitty crafts and handmade goods.

4. The time you didn’t want to make eye contact with the creepy guy, but you did and then you were pretty sure you had to go on a date him.

And then, later you matched with him on Bumble and was even creepier because you couldn’t remember how you knew him.

5. When you went to that pool party, but didn’t wear a suit because you didn’t want to swim, but you ended up in the water with all of your clothes on.

6. That time you went to the beach with your friends and just wanted some candid photos, but everyone knew they were totally staged.

But, your aunt Linda on Facebook doesn’t know that.

7. When you went to the mall and every girl there was wearing shorts with Ugg boots, so you tried it that one time.

8. When everyone in 2008 was wearing glasses with clear frames, so you started wearing glasses with clear frames.

9. When you left work early to get to happy hour on time, but no one else got to happy hour on time.

And you tried to drink your margarita really slow, but you had two before anyone arrived.

10. When you got one of your friends to take a super artsy photo of you for your Facebook profile picture.