Tim McGraw Tries The Pyramid Pepper Challenge and Things Get Pretty HOT

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Tim McGraw may be out on his worldwide Soul2Soul tour with wife Faith Hill, but he’s apparently looking for things to do in his down time. Tim and his band took it upon themselves to try out the Pepper Pyramid Challenge and things get pretty spicy.

The idea of the challenge is for Tim and the guys to eat 10 rounds of peppers ranging from mild to deathly hot. The guy or guys who remain the longest get…well, bragging rights. 

Throughout the video, Tim reveals the kinds of peppers the 10 men will be ingesting along with their placement on the Scoville scale. The Scoville scale is a measurement of the pungency (spiciness/heat of pepper) of chili peppers, or other spicy food.

Round 1 – Banana Pepper – 300 Scoville

Round 2 – Anaheim Pepper – 1500 Scoville

Round 3 – Serrano Pepper – 17,000 Scoville

Round 4 – Red Cayenne Pepper – 30,000 Scoville

Round 5 – Tabasco Red Pepper – 30,000 Scoville

Round 6 – Bonnet Pepper – 250,000 Scoville

Round 7 – Habanero Pepper – 650,000 Scoville

Round 8 – Ghost Pepper – 1,000,000 Scoville

Round 9 – Scorpion Pepper – 1,400,000 Scoville

Round 10 – Carolina Reaper Pepper – 2,100,000 Scoville

Yikes!  I’d be out after round 1. As matter of fact, Tim’s keyboard player, Billy, dropped out after Round 2. More dropped out after rounds 3 and 4. By round 6 there were seven guys left, with Tim holding strong.

Six guys, including Tim made it to round 10. “I’m scared now,” Tim said before taking the final shot. Tim’s face may have been turning red and his eyes tearing, but he and five of his band members  can now say they made it through the pyramid pepper challenge. 

“Now, your turn,” Tim says closing out the video. Who’s next?