10 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Little Big Town

10 Fashion Rules Every Girl Can Learn From Little Big Town

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It’s no secret that we have a crush on Little Big Town. They are super popular right now and making a name for themselves with their spunky music and eclectic sense of style!

We thought it would be fun to take a look at their Instagram account to see what we could learn from them about fashion:

1. Sometimes you just need a casual day. Cut-off shorts, a graphic tee and a comfy pair of flips-flops are the perfect outfit for those days!

2. Mixing prints isn’t scary! 

3. Everyone has their own personal style. Both Karen and Kimberly have on black jackets, but they are expressing their individual style.

4. Add pops of color. A pop of color takes a monochromatic outfit up about 50 notches!

5. Spend a little more on your sunnies. Don’t fall into the gas station cheapie trap. These may work spur of the moment, but if you really want to protect your eyes from damaging UVA rays, splurge a little.

6. There is nothing sexier than a sharp-dressed man. Even a barefoot one.

7. Don’t fight your natural hair. Kimberly is always rocking her curls and they look great!

8. Natural beauty doesn’t happen overnight! It takes a little work sometimes.

9. You can match without being matchy-matchy.

10. Philanthropy looks great on everyone!

Photo Credit: Instagram/@littlebigtown

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