10 Funny and Controversial Tweets from Fake Jake Owen


You really know you’ve made it in life when a restaurant names a sandwich after you.

Or when someone turns your life story into a movie.

But, you’ve really reached life’s pinnacle when someone creates a parody Twitter account in your honor. A few years ago everyone from the President of the United States to local math teachers had parody Twitter accounts tweeting away on their behalf. A lot of fake accounts have been reported or abandoned, but in Nashville, one account hangs on– Cake Bowen.

Cake Bowen, @NotJakeOwen, has a ruthless commitment to his craft, which seems to be shaming country music artists, while throwing in a couple of decent jokes every week or so.

To me, Cake Bowen is being a bit casually cruel, in the name of being honest (to borrow the words of our country’s wisest sage, Taylor Swift). Casually cruel and honest is sometimes funny and usually controversial.

Funny and Controversial Tweets from Fake Jake Owen

1. But, this is really happening…

2. I bet they thought about it. 

3. “Don’t It” is my jam and this one still had me laughing (out loud).

4. Preach!

5. Consider this our first attempt to get someone to dress as Slutty Joe Diffie for Halloween this year. 

6. This version of “Bartender” was on Lady Antebellum’s deluxe version of 747.

7. Funny because it’s true.

8. Sounds like an advertising campaign to me. 

9. Clever hashtag takeover. 

10. He’d get partial credit on most Spanish tests. 

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