10 Most Influential Country Albums From the 1990s

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3. Reba // For My Broken Heart

In the aftermath of unimaginable tragedy ⎯⎯ an airplane crash which took the lives of her entire touring band and touring manager ⎯⎯
Reba took to the studio to record her most cohesive and emotionally-engaging album of her career. More than 25 years later, and it still remains one of country’s most pressing records: from major hits like “Is There Life Out There,” “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” and “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” (originally recorded by Vicki Lawrence) to such essential deep cuts as “Bobby,” “I Wouldn’t Go That For” and “If I Had Only Known.” Reba’s laser focus in the recording studio begat an album charged with fearsome vulnerability and an eagerness to bare her heart and soul.