10 Most Influential Country Albums From the 1990s

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9. Patty Loveless // The Trouble with the Truth

Often blending bluegrass and barn-burning honky-tonk into sleek, widely appealing tunes, Loveless was a commercial fixture in the late ’80s and well into the ’90s. While her 1988 album
Honky Tonk Angel is one of the most important albums of the era, her 1996 record plays as crucially vibrant, as pop-country blazed by Garth Brooks and Shania Twain was coming into power. Loveless remained adamant about her stylistic identity, which would lay the groundwork for her American roots recordings later on Mountain Soul and Mountain Soul II. Here, though, standouts include raucous opener “Tear-Stained Letter,” the gentle burn of “Lonely Too Long,” “You Can Feel Bad” and “A Thousand Times a Day.”