25 Best Non-Country Drinking Songs

25 Best Non-Country Drinking Songs

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Country music isn’t the only genre were there are songs affiliated with — or influenced by — alcohol. Just like with many country music songs, alcohol seem to share a common link amongst musicians.

25 Best Non-Country Drinking Songs:

25. “Streams of Whiskey” // The Pogues

This invigorating, punk-ish Irish folk song has an infectious dose of politics, accordions and a pint of Guinness.

24. “Let’s All Go to the Bar” // Deer Tick

Sometimes, it just doesn’t matter, getting to the bar is something you just have to do, no matter what.

23. “Quiet Whiskey” // Wynonie Harris

The sad tale of what happens once you open that first bottle of whiskey.

22. “Swimming Pools (Drank)” // Kendrick Lamar

The riff in this song is catchy.  I’m not one to judge but filling a swimming pool full of liquor seems a bit excessive.

21. “F–k You I’m Drunk” // Bondo

While it’s certainly doesn’t have the most PG-rated lyrics — it’s surprisingly as funny as it is honest.

20. “Too Drunk to Dream” // The Magnetic Fields

While the lyrics might not be the most pleasant to absorb. The truth and sarcasm are apparent when you turn to the bottle for help. 

19. “Have A Drink On Me” // AC/DC

“So c’mon have a good time, and get blinded outta your mind” — who hasn’t been there?

18. “Warm Beer and Cold Women” // Tom Waits

It makes the list with the title alone.

17. “Gimme That Wine” // Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

I dare you not to crack a smile while listening to this up-tempo, a capella beat.

16. “Brass Monkey” // Beastie Boys

Prior to the internet, did anyone know that what a ‘Brass Monkey’ actually was?

15. “Tubthumping” // Chumbawamba

What doesn’t this man drink?  A whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a lager drink, a cider drink and I assume much, much more.

14. “When I Was Drinking” // Hem

Please name me a more beautifully captured song that captures the love/hate relationship people have with love, sobriety and isolation?

13. “Buy U a Drank” (Shawty Snappin’)” // T-Pain

“Let’s get drunk and forget what we did.”  Cleary, the man is not bashful.

12. “Cigarettes & Alcohol” // Oasis

Is this song the younger sister of their smash hit “Champagne Supernova?”

11. “Red, Red Wine” // UB-40

What better way to push her thoughts away, than with red, red wine?

10. “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” // Rupert Holmes

A song about cheating, personal ads, and Pina Coladas — let the adventure begin.

9. “Sally Maclennane” // The Pogues

If this doesn’t justify a great Irish punk drinking song, nothing will.

8. “The Piano Has Been Drinking” // Tom Waits

While the song sounds sad, there’s something rather sweet about this boozy ballad.

7. “Nightrain” // Guns N’ Roses

An ode to dirt-cheap wine.  Some of the best anthems are sung when you’re drunk and everybody joins in because it’s so damn catchy.  

6. “The Boys Are Back in Town” // Thin Lizzy

This should be the song of choice for every ‘Amateur Night ‘ or ‘Rookie Night ‘— when college students go home for break.

5. “Tequila” // The Champs

Who needs words when a two-chord riff and a saxophone will do?

4. “Gin and Juice” // Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is smoking weed while taking swigs of gin.  And he’s doing all this while driving.  Just seems a little crazy to me.

3. “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) // The Doors

Some Doors songs are powerful, some are beautiful.  This one is simply weird.

2. “Whiskey In The Jar” // Thin Lizzy

While Metallica’s remake might be more popular, Thin Lizzy’s version totally owns it for any real bar lover.

1. “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” // John Lee Hooker

It’s the story of a man in a bar at closing time, ordering one more round before the barman kicks him out.  The best stories are the ones everyone can relate to.

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