4 Reasons Sugarland Needs to Reunite

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It’s been nearly 5 years since Sugarland released new music, and frankly that’s too dang long. The duo went on hiatus following the tragic Indiana State Fair stage collapse in 2011. Since then, both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have pursued other musical ventures, but insisted that they will work together again in the future. In my latest interview with Bush, he went as far as to say that their record label simply wasn’t asking for new music from them. Well, here’s our rebuttal.

4 Reasons Sugarland Needs to Reunite:

1. We Need a Good Cry

No one can break your heart like Jennifer and Kristian when they get together. The success of “Stay,” their 2007 platinum single about the different sides of marital affairs, is proof enough. But then there’s also “Very Last Country Song” which covers all sorts of pains people face in life, but poignantly recognizes “If memories didn’t last so long / If nobody did nobody wrong / If we knew what we had before it was gone / If every road led back home / This would be / The very last country song.”

2. All the Other Showmen Have Left

No one put on a show like Sugarland. Except maybe Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. But Taylor isn’t country anymore and Shania is on her farewell tour. Sugarland did the big productions, with elaborate sets, costumes and showmanship, like no other. In hindsight, it’s obvious that Jennifer would go on to play Broadway during their hiatus.

3. Kristian’s Been Learning a lot About Songwriting

Over the past four years, Kristian Bush has been seeking knowledge. He’s traveled the world to learn songwriting techniques from experts in different genres and cultures. He’s written for different groups and even recorded his own solo album. While that material is excellent, wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear the combination of that knowledge and expertise with Jennifer’s voice?

4. More Women on the Radio

Jennifer recently announced a new solo record deal with Big Machine Label Group and is releasing a new album and going on the road. But in an environment that is male heavy, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Jennifer Nettles songs and Sugarland songs on the radio? Two birds. One stone. You know. But wouldn’t that sound the same? Nope. Everything Jennifer and Kristian have put out while they’ve been on hiatus has been distinctly them. Let’s marry those sounds again to get that Sugarland sound that neither can produce alone.

Image Source: UMG