5 Most Interesting Country Music Covers on YouTube Right Now

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According to Billboard, the hottest country songs in all the land are Thomas Rhett‘s “Die A Happy Man;” Cole Swindell’s “You Should Be Here;” “Heartbeat,” from Carrie Underwood; Brett Eldredge’s “Drunk On Your Love” and the soulful “My Church” from Maren Morris.

Each of these songs is catchy and memorable in their own little ways, which means fans are offering up some primo interpretations of them on YouTube. And we found some really interesting ones.

5 Most Interesting Country Music Covers on YouTube Right Now:

Thomas Rhett // Die A Happy Man
Kind of like the behind-the-scenes vibe of this one, but when she starts using the prop she covers her mouth. Nice use of the jewelry box music towards the end.

Cole Swindell // “You Should Be Here
The bathroom scene is much different than Cole’s original, heartfelt video, but hey– acoustics. Right?

Carrie Underwood // “Heartbeat”
This guy didn’t seem super committed to the performance though it’s obvious he’s really into Carrie. Also, he might have a rash.

Brett Eldredge // “Drunk On Your Love
With a little camera work, this guy could be on to something, you know? His audience only seems a little bit interested.

Maren Morris // “My Church
Got to admire the bravery to go A cappella.