5 of George Strait's Best Country Music Videos

5 of George Strait’s Best Country Music Videos

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As George Strait celebrates his 63rd birthday, I’m celebrating his long and illustrious career— mostly his best music videos.

In no real order, George Strait’s Best Country Music Videos:

“Carrying Your Love With Me”

Oh, why can’t George Strait be a hitchhiker just one time on a road trip?

“Check Yes Or No”

Do you think anyone has ever even thought about checking no, when George Strait is asking?

“Amarillo By Morning”

I would meet George Strait in Amarillo anytime of the day.


Even with a mullet and some scruff George Strait is the best looking man in Texas and most parts of the lower-48.

“Write This Down”

George Strait could tell me to re-write “War and Peace” and I’d do it.

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