5 Things That Happen When You Ride in a Karaoke Cab with Colt Ford

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If you’ve ever ridden in a karaoke cab, you know that the second you buckle up (and mic up), you’re in for a wild ride. So, what do you think happens when you throw legendary country music collaborator, Colt Ford into the mix? Colt is one of those guys that leads you to believe anything could happen if he’s around– you feel like you could wrestle an alligator or run a marathon. He just exudes energy.

So, just what does happen when you get in a karaoke cab with Colt?

1. Compliments. Lots of compliments.

2. You get a ride, but you can only go as far as your singing will take you.

3. Constructive criticism from a guy who’s topped a chart or two.

4. Hugs.

5. Skincare advice! Yes, Colt dishes out skincare advice.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Image Source: YouTube