9 Unique Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Kitchen

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Mason jars have come a long way since the days of old when they were used solely for canning the bounty of summer. These days, it’s the versatility of those adorable glass vessels that add to their appeal. We use them for everything from home decor to organizational tools to cute gift ideas. We especially love the idea of using them in a kitchen to give it a bit of a homey, rustic feel.

We found these unique ways to add a touch of country living to your kitchen:

1. Mason Jar Chandelier

How cool is this? Even better is that you can make your own, but if you are like us, the Etsy shop of BootsNGus is the place to go!


Source: Instagram/@bootsngus


2. Tissue Holder

Keep your tissues handy in a cute dispenser. Paint the jars’ exteriors to match your decor. If you are feeling extra crafty, you could fill the jars with kitchen wipes to easily wipe your counters down.


Source: Instagram/@landeelu


3. Utensil Organizer

This is a such a cute way to organize those kitchen utensils that can get lost in a drawer.


Source: Instagram/@needles_and_grain


4. Mason Jar Pantry

Store all your dry goods in quart sized jars for a cute and fun way to keep your pantry neat. Add a chalkboard sticker to the front if you want to label them.


Source: Instagram/@selfhealthandwellness


5. Hanging Herb Planters

Grow your herbs right inside your kitchen where they will be handy when you need them.


Source: Instagram/@pressmamaa


6. Spice Drawer

Spice racks are so 2014! Try a spice drawer instead.


Source: Instagram/@melissasavidgeinteriors


7. Soap Dispenser

These are adorable! And a cute way to keep your kitchen soap and lotions. You can find them here.



8. Mason Jar Salads

They say preparation is the key to success and if you want to succeed in your effort to get more veggies in your diet, this the way to do it!

These look too pretty to eat! ? Do you take your salad on the go? If it looked like this, I definitely would!

A photo posted by Francine (@fit_franny) on


Source: Instagram/@fit_franny


9. Drink Dispenser

This is such a fun way to serve adult beverages at your barbeque or fill it with lemonade and use it at a children’s party!


Source: Instagram/@des_sen

Photo Credit: Big Stock