Maren Morris Defends ACMs Lack Of A Vegas Shooting Tribute, “I Think The ACMs Were Respectful”

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The ACMs did not carve out time to honor the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. That did not sit well with fans, especially since the show is held in Las Vegas. Maren Morris, who was a part of the show’s cold open, took issue with the criticism and fired her opinions off on Twitter.

Morris subtweeted an article from Rolling Stone Country which claimed the ACMs had “dropped the ball.” The broadcast never explicitly mentioned the shooting choosing instead to talk about the “healing power of music.” To fans, it seemed like they were avoiding the issue, just like the CMAs did. To Maren, the show was helping artists move on and letting everyone “exhale.”

“You weren’t there and they aren’t your fans who were taken, maybe don’t judge a show that’s trying to help everyone move on,” She wrote on Twitter.

To her, someone who also wasn’t there and cannot say the people shot were her fans, it’s time to stop talking about it an move on. I think this revealed more about her perspective than that of the country music community.

I understand that the country music industry doesn’t want to only have somber, sad awards show and I’m sure Jason Aldean and his fans would love to move on towards healing. But the ACMs are in Las Vegas less than a mile from where the shooting occurred less than six months ago. Maybe Maren wants to move on, but the whole country community was rocked by the event, not just the artists.

These shows aren’t for artists, at least not primarily. They are for the fans. The pageantry, the comedy, the music, the cameras- its all for fans watching at home. It’s the fans that worry about a shooter when they go to an outdoor festival this summer, which they spent a lot of money on.

Maren thinks the show was helping everyone move on. But when both major country music awards shows pass over a major issue, it doesn’t look like moving on, it looks like forgetting what happened.