Alison Krauss Probably Didn’t Mean to Upstage Adam Wakefield on “The Voice” Finale, But She Did


The results had already been decided by the time Alison Krauss took the stage with Adam Wakefield on the finale of “The Voice,” so the performance really didn’t matter all that much. Mainly, it was a way for Wakefield to check something off his bucket list and for Krauss to get some good PR.

Unfortunately, anytime Krauss is on the stage, no one is going to pay attention to anyone standing next to her. Unless it’s someone like Robert Plant or Emmylou Harris. Krauss’ vocals are ethereal. Her talent is unfathomable. I’m sure Krauss didn’t mean to steal the show from these music industry up-and-comers, but just because she stepped on the stage she did.

Wakefield is a talented guy and he’s got many moments like this ahead of him. He’ll be just fine.

Wakefield finished runner-up to Alison Porter.

Lauren Cowling
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