Alan Jackson’s Releases True To Life New Single “The Older I Get”

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Alan Jackson is giving fans a peek at what’s to come from his upcoming album, with the release of it’s lead track, “The Older I Get.”

The new offering, written by Adam Wright, Hailey Whitters and Sarah Allison Turner, is quintessential Alan. With his signature slow country drawl, Jackson sings of the bright side of ageing. An issue we all will find ourselves dealing with someday. “The Older I Get” has Alan realizing what’s really important in life as we get older.

“This song reflects a lot of how I feel these days,” Jackson said on Instagram. “It’s a good song; I really liked it, but the message was a little different when I first heard it. I thought maybe it could be a little more positive about being older and wiser and more content…so they rewrote a few things, and this is how it ended up.”

The older I get / the more I think / you only get a minute better live while you’re in it because it’s gone in a blink / and the older I get / the truer it is / it’s the people you love not the money and stuff that makes you rich.

(Chorus) “And If they found a fountain of youth I wouldn’t drink a drop and that’s the truth / funny how it feels I’m just getting to my best years yet / the older I get,” croons Jackson.

“The older I get / fewer friends I have / but you don’t need a lot when the ones that you’ve got have always got your back / and the older I get / the better I am / knowing when to give and when to just not give a damn.


And I don’t mind all the lines from all the times I’ve laughed and cried / souvenirs and little signs of the life I’ve lived / the older I get / the longer I pray / I don’t know why I guess that I’ve got more to say / and the older I get / the more thankful I feel / for the life I’ve had and all the life I’m living still.”