Alan Jackson’s New Single is All About “Jim And Jack And Hank”

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It’s been 25 years of pure country for Alan Jackson and the feat continues with his new single, “Jim And Jack And Hank.” The single is Jackson’s first since last year’s “A Million Ways to Die” and is the first single off his upcoming, Angels and Alcohol album.

“Jim And Jack And Hank” is pure Jackson and sounds like something you’d two-step to about 20 years ago. Yes, it’s a roaring tribute to the men all men turn to when their woman leaves– Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and (both) Hank Williams.

The song tells the story of a fed-up girlfriend and a man who can go on without her.

Take your string bikinis, your apple martinis,

Take what’s left there in the bank. Take your flat iron and your curlers.

Your sparkling water and that damn perfume I never liked,

Take your black Mercedes, all that stuff for ladies.

To me you’re just a total blank, go on and leave me baby,

I don’t need you, I got Jim and Jack and Hank.

To his credit, Jackson is one of the most successful and respected singer-songwriters in music.  He is in the elite company of Paul McCartney and John Lennon among songwriters who’ve written more than 20 songs that they’ve recorded and taken to the top of the charts.  Jackson is one of the best-selling artists since the inception of SoundScan, ranking alongside the likes of Eminem and Metallica.

Image Source: UMG