Ashland Craft Turned “Delta Dawn” Into an ’80s Rock Ballad on “The Voice”

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“The Voice” has finally moved into its live performances and the Top12 didn’t hold anything back. #TeamMiley’s Ashland Craft took on the Tanya Tucker classic, “Delta Dawn” and really did some work on it.

During rehearsals, Miley and Ashland chose between this acoustic ballad and Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried,” but this performances wasn’t exactly what she rehearsed. Ashland came out and took “Delta Dawn” to Camp Rock, versus anywhere else that only requires a suitcase in her hand. It wasn’t folksy or charming, but she certainly made a case for herself.

Ashland’s transition on stage also presented her with an opportunity to do a little hair flip, which was a pretty gutsy move.


After her performance, coach Jennifer Hudson told her, “I’m so happy to see you just own the stage … and believe in yourself like we believe in you.”