Ashley Monroe Releases Emotional and Touching “Bombshell” Video

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Country music sensation Ashley Monroe can be credited as one of the artists who has kept country music honest. Her authentic twang, heartfelt lyrics and sensationally crafted albums are exactly what the genre needs and her newest album The Blade is definitely one of the best you’ll hear this year.

Her newest for “Bombshell,” video is emotional and touching. The video features a group of people– young and old, male and female, of every different race sharing the bombshells in their life. One by one, they write down their struggles on glass vases and toss them over the side of a building, shattering their vices. It’s beautiful.

“I just think it’s interesting in life how many different types of bombshells we have to drop,” Monroe said in an interview with Vulture. “When my dad had cancer, my uncle came into a room to tell me he died. That’s a bombshell. And the older you get, the more you have to start doing them yourself, which is hard.”

Image Source: YouTube