Forget Politics: The Dixie Chicks Returned to the CMA Awards and Brought Beyonce

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Here’s what happens when a former CMA Entertainer of the Year winner returns to the CMA Awards stage after 13 years– you bring Beyonce with you.

If that doesn’t work, and it did work, make sure Taylor Swift is somewhere in the building.

When it was announced that Beyonce was going to perform at the show, I assumed she’d sing “Jolene” to Dolly Parton. Then, I thought maybe she’d make my head explode and she’d combine forces with Carrie Underwood.

But, no, no– somehow, it was even better than either of those dreams.

After a political controversy and a best-selling album backed by a GRAMMY Award, the Dixie Chicks took Beyonce’s “Daddy Issues” and brilliantly transitioned into “Long Time Gone” and absolutely owned the 50th Annual CMA Awards. The trio started by announcing that they, like the Queen B, are from Texas and yes, they belong on this stage as much as anyone else in the music industry. Actually, probably more so.

In a year strife with bitter political battles, the Country Music Association took a risk and won because this was absolutely a country music dream come true— Trisha Yearwood loved it, a guy in a white tux with cut-off sleeves played the saxophone, Miranda Lambert swayed like she was at Bonnaroo and every single dream Kelsea Ballerini has ever had happened.

Forget politics.

This was about music.