Brett Eldredge’s Reaction to Blake Shelton Kissing Him Was Pretty Great

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Blake Shelton is not shy with his affections. Really, when it comes to PDA with his buddies— he’s all about hugs, kisses and hand holding. Most of Blake’s friends would probably say it takes a minute to get used to his hugs, kisses and tweets, but eventually– everyone caves.

And though Brett Eldredge has been a labelmate of Blake’s since his career started, he’s still getting used to Blake’s free-loving ways.

During a recent Country Music Freaks Tour stop, Brett and Blake were sharing the stage during Blake’s “All About Tonight” when Blake waltzed over to Brett and planted a huge kiss on Brett’s cheek. Normally, Brett is the type of guy who would be all about this, but he seemed totally confused by Blake’s grand gesture. Even Blake stepped backed and laughed as he saw how he made Brett feel.