Blake Shelton’s Super Twangy Ford Trucks Commercial From 2001 is Amazing

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These days, it’s hard to remember that Blake Shelton was once an up-and-coming country music singer who filmed local commercials to subsidize his income. Blake has been cranking out the hits, literally 25 No. 1 hits, since “Austin” came out in 2001. And boy, has a lot changed since then.

Not only has Blake notched 25 No. 1 singles since 2001, he’s released five Platinum albums, more than one greatest hits albums and he’s the star of the NBC hit show, “The Voice.” Not to mention– he has own clothing line, his own vodka and Gwen Stefani. And that whole Sexiest Man Alive thing hasn’t hurt either.

Basically, it’s really good to be Blake Shelton, which is why this old commercial is even more hilarious than it should be.

First, this color scheme doesn’t work on him, just like it didn’t work for Dwight on “The Office.”

Second, the hat isn’t covering up the fact that he’s rockin’ the mullet. We know it’s under there.

Third, yes, Blake was born and raised in the country and is still as country as they come, but he’s definitely laying the twang on pretty thick here.

However, I would love to walk into a car dealership and announce, “Blake sent me!”