Blake Shelton Falls On Hard Times And Saves Money By Hand-Delivering Copies of ‘Texoma Shore’ To Fans

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Times have gotten tough for Blake Shelton. A truck ran into his home in Oklahoma and he is having such a hard time selling albums that he is now hand delivering them to fans. Well, not really. He’s doing just fine. But he did hand deliver Texoma Shore to one lucky fan who pre-ordered it on Amazon Prime.

“They told me we had sold one copy,” Blake said to his fan, Scott. “I figured I could save a little money by just bringing it down.”

Dang, I was sure Texoma Shore would do better than that. Did Gwen not buy one? That’s rough.

Not only did Scott get to chat with Blake for a while about the album, but he also got personally invited to Blake’s show that night. That’s not bad for just buying a CD.