Source Says: Gwen Stefani Wants to ‘Give Blake Shelton His First Child’ and That’s Such a Weird Thing to Tell People


Normally, I’m not one for tabloid fodder or rumors. But, sometimes, sometimes— headlines are just funny and kind of weird and personal and you have to dig into it.

Recently, “Entertainment Tonight” ran a story on its site with the headline, “Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Want to Have a Baby Together, Source Says (Exclusive).” So many words, in such a weird order, right?

Imagine this, you’re a source and you call ET and you say, “They are very committed to one another and this is a forever thing. However, more important to them right now is having a baby together.” Who just offers up that kind of deeply personal information about someone else? Or did ET call them?

And more important than what? Being together forever?

But, the source got even more personal, “Gwen would love nothing more than to give Blake his first child. Blake is dying to be a father. He loves Gwen’s kids, [which has] made him realize he could be a good father.”

This source seems dramatic– “would love nothing more” and “dying to be a father” seem a bit much, even for Hollywood standards, no?

The pair have been together for just about 2 years after meeting on the set of “The Voice.”

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Lauren Cowling
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