Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Get Playful in Behind the Scenes Look at “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” Video


If you can’t get enough of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, you’re in luck. The fan-favorite couple is giving fans an behind-the-scenes look at the making of their current Christmas video, “You Make it Feel Like Christmas.”

The cuteness of the couple comes through right in the beginning of the video when Blake tries to give credit to Gwen for allowing him to sing on her single. She won’t allow it, telling Blake he’s cheating because he was very instrumental in the song.

“That’s a little cheating because you actually sent me half the song written. You sang on it and you wrote it,” Gwen chimed in.

Blake’s response? “Please don’t yell at me on TV. It’s Christmas for God’s sake,” he joked.

Gwen went on to explain the inspiration for the new video that has Gwen and Blake enjoying and not enjoying the stresses of Christmas.

“I would say that the video concept—we really just kind of got inspired by a movie we saw on TV called “Pal Joey,” which is an old fifties film. I was like, ‘Woah, we have to do that. That feels so Christmassy, it feels like the song.’ We just wanted to make something that felt warm, fuzzy and Christmassy.”

Leave it to Blake to add the comedy to any project.

“I think my favorite thing about doing videos is when they say that’s a wrap,” Blake said. “It’s also my favorite thing about doing interviews.”

Check out Blake and Gwen behind the scenes of “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

Lisa Konicki
A New Yorker that made her way to the South, Lisa got her love of country music from her dad, who always played the classics. However, her love of fried pickles, a southern staple, came from Blake Shelton, who made her try her very first one. With 20 years experience in the music biz—previously at the helm of Country Weekly Magazine —Lisa loves to de-stress by going to the movies, playing and watching sports or just being outdoors.

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