Gwen Stefani Said She’s “Never Seen Anything Like” the Valentine’s Day Gift She Got From Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani could definitely be considered one of those people that would be pretty hard to shop for because she can buy things herself and she already has a lot of nice things. But, somehow her boyfriend Blake Shelton keeps finding great things to buy her. Like, for example– Gwen said that once, Blake poured a whole new slab of concrete for her at his home in Oklahoma so she wouldn’t have to walk on dirt. Now, that’s true love.

And now, for Valentine’s Day, Blake somehow gifted her with flowers that she described as, “never seen anything like that.”

In a video posted to Instagram, one of Gwen’s sons comes running to her saying, “somebody loves you!” as he races to show her the flowers.

Also, pretty sure one of Blake’s dogs is now living in LA with Gwen, so one more sign of true love.

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