Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton Had a Lot of Fun Singing “I’ll Name the Dogs” Together (For Real)


Before Jennifer Hudson appeared on the third season of “American Idol” and went on to win an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her work on “Dream Girls,” she was just a girl from Chicago with a dream. Other than Blake Shelton’s second home of Los Angeles, Chicago is pretty far from Ada, Oklahoma where Blake grew up. Safe to say, J. Hud has not been exposed to country as much in her entire life as much as she has sitting next to Blake on “The Voice” this season.

Blake’s current single “I’ll Name The Dogs” is straight country music, so I’m not sure who had the idea to bring in Jennifer to sing and do half-hearted dance moves to the tune during the Top 11 elimination episode of “The Voice,” but that person should get a raise, because it was a fun 3 minutes and 7 seconds to watch.

Jennifer did some swaying, some pointing, some bouncing and some air-guitaring during the performance, but no shoe throwing.




I’m not entirely convinced that Jennifer’s microphone was on the entire song, but who cares?

Watch Blake Shelton almost laugh while looking at J. Hud and singing the line, “yeah, lying next to you every night… sounds like a damn good life.” It was cute.

Lauren Cowling
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