Jimmy Fallon Sang “I’ll Name the Dogs” to Blake Shelton and No, No, No, But YES

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If you want to watch Blake Shelton squirm, you need to watch every single interview he’s ever done with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.” You can tell Blake likes Jimmy, but does he? At times, it feels like Blake actually wants to punch him in the face for making fun of him so much.

After about 8 minutes of Jimmy just straight up making fun of everything Blake has going on, Jimmy put on a cowboy hat (which Blake hasn’t worn in years) and serenaded him with his latest single, “I’ll Name The Dogs.” The performance came after Jimmy read through a few song titles on Blake’s new album, Texoma Shore. At first, he appeared to be just making fun of the song, by singing, “I’ll name the dogs, I’ll name ’em Spotty and Rex, I have never had sex… that’s a good song.” Eventually, he said, “I really do like you. Let me show you how much I love you.”

And then the song started. Or should I say, and then the show started.


For some reason, Jimmy’s voice cracked several times and then he really started to work the stage over with some dance moves that no one in country music could pull off. Not even Luke Bryan.


By the time Jimmy really started to work the stage all Blake could do was watch. He finally got a jab in when it was all over and Jimmy asked Blake who he looked like in the hat.

“You look a little like Woody from ‘Toy Story,'” he said.