Blake Shelton Presented Kelly Clarkson With the Power of Women Award with the Absolute Sweetest, Most Innappopriate Speech Ever

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If you didn’t know– Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have been friends for a really long time. Right now, Kelly’s husband, Brandon Blackstock is Blake’s manager, but their history is actually much deeper.

Blake was on hand at Variety‘s Power of Women Awards to present his old pal with the honor and in typical Blake fashion he delivered a really sweet, hilarious speech. Blake, at first, did allude to a few moments he’s spent with Kelly that he would love to talk about, but shouldn’t.

Instead, he talked about what Kelly is going to be like as a coach next season on “The Voice.” And, of course, he veered left. And then right. And then left again.

Blake told a story from a few years ago when the two were trading off surprising fans at their shows. The duo had been singing Kelly’s big hit with Jason Aldean, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” and about the fourth time they had done it, Blake thought he had done so well, he asked Kelly for some feedback.

“I came out and sang with her that night and hung out after the show. I said, ‘What do you think? That was cool, right?’ And she says, ‘Well, you know.’ I mean, I’m a limited singer at best, but I thought I was hitting the notes, and she goes, ‘I want you to sing the song like we did f—ing!’ And I think that’s probably how she’d approach coaching.”

Only Blake.

Kelly’s response was equally wonderful.

“I’m just saying, when you’re singing a ballad… I would say that with Jason… can you pretend? Can you just pretend you wanna WOOOO… I did say that…I said that because every time we did it I was like ‘does he like this song?’… I’m not going to coach like that. Sexual harassment is wrong.”

And here’s that performance.