Blake Shelton Said His Personal Life Has “Never Looked Brighter”


Things are going pretty well for Blake Shelton these days. He’s the star of an EMMY-winning TV show, he’s dropping a new album, launched a clothing line and yes, he’s deeply, madly in love with Gwen Stefani and he doesn’t care who knows it.

Blake told “Access Hollywood” how fun it was to have Gwen’s boys in the music video for his current single, “I’ll Name The Dogs” and he also discussed what it’s like to be on a boat with Gwen.

“Gwen is not really into fishing at all. In fact, getting her out on the water, if it’s too hot, she won’t even get out there. We love to just get out there and float around. We don’t fish, we just get out there and float around. It’s a good view when Gwen Stefani is in the boat with you.”

Gwen also likes the view.

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