Blake Shelton Dressed as Shaggy From “Scooby Doo” is Quite the Sight


Gwen Stefani’s youngest son, Apollo, is all set to turn 4-years-old this week after a super special Scooby Doo birthday party that also featured the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. And Blake Shelton dressed as Shaggy Rogers. And mom Gwen dressed as Daphne Blake.

We’ve seen Blake spending a lot of time with Gwen’s three sons, from Disneyland excursions to fishing trips in Oklahoma, but we’ve never seen Blake quite so invested in a party theme.

Blake donned the Shaggy wig and really committed to the character by ditching his signature plaid button down shirt for a green shirt just like Shaggy would wear. We didn’t see Blake eat any Scooby snacks or solve any mysteries, but he did get some from Scooby. He also showed off his hair. Blake was on the road all weekend as a part of his Country Music Freaks Tour, but still made it back to LA in time for the party.

You know what they say– anything for the kids. And Blake means it, because he’s the exact opposite of the hippie-ish Shaggy.

Lauren Cowling
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