Blake Shelton’s Reaction To Trace Adkins Singing “You’re Gonna Miss This” is Priceless

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Blake Shelton kicked off his Country Music Freaks Tour on Feb. 15 with friends Brett Eldredge, Carly Pearce and Trace Adkins. But it was Blake’s reaction to Trace’s performance that stole the show.

Blake and Trace have been friends for years, dating back to before the two released 2009’s “Hillbilly Bone” duet. Blake recently asked his pal Trace to be a mentor to the contestants on Season 14 of “The Voice.”

So when Blake asked Trace to be on his Country Music Freaks Tour, we all knew a good time would be had. But we had no idea how much fun Blake would be having as he sat next to Trace while Trace belted out his 2008 hit, “You’re Gonna Miss This.”

As the Louisiana native kicked off the song, “She was staring out the window,” Blake got visibly excited and started everyone in the arena clapping. Blake then rocks back and forth as he stares at Trace before beginning to sing along to the tune. The “I’ll Name the Dogs” singer just can’t take his eyes off the 6’6″ inch crooner. He again, begins clapping in approval and continues to sing along.

It’s really quite sweet to see Blake look at his friend with such admiration. After all, Trace is one of country’s leading men. He released 12 studio albums beginning in 2001 with all reaching the Top 10, and saw 13 singles hit Top 10 or better with “(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing,” “Ladies Love Country Boys,” and “You’re Gonna Miss This,” reaching the No. 1 spot.

Blake has even said a nice thing or two about Trace and what he’s meant to him over the years and throughout his career.

“He was always that guy for me who would set me down and say, ‘Listen,’ and he would get on to me about stuff,” Blake told Fox News. “Especially because back in the day, I was way worse than I am now. He was about the only guy I would listen to because I was intimidated by him. Looking back, I am so glad that he was around for me.”

It’s good to see Blake appreciate that kind of support.