Brad Paisley Wants Videos of You Dumping Your Boyfriend For New “Bucked Off” Video

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Brad Paisley is making a new video and he wants you to be a part of it. The “I’m Gonna Miss Her” singer is putting the call out for your very own break up videos. That’s right.

For his new song, “Bucked Off,” Brad wants you to take out your camera and film as you go through a breakup with your significant other. In a post on Instagram, Brad, sitting at a bar, let’s fans know what he needs.

“Hi I’m Brad Paisley,” he begins the video. “You get the feeling you’re about to get dumped. Well, you know what? Take your phone out when it happens and film it, Brad says. “Girls, are you about to dump a guy. Take that phone out turn it on video and film the event and send it to me. An d you can be in the new video for the song “Bucked Off.”

In the classing Brad Paisley way, he ends the video with a bit of truth. “Because your relationship may not last forever, but this video will,” So start filming folks. You can send your videos here. Good luck!

Brad debuted his new single during the CMA Awards in November. The song has Brad singing about feeling that a break up coming on. So what better way to mark the occasion than on video.

But this ain’t my first rodeo / Someone’s gonna get hurt / Whenever someone says “We need to talk” / It feels like there’s a number / Pinned on to the back of my shirt / ‘Cause this is where the cowboy gets bucked off / Yeah, this is where the cowboy gets bucked off, he sings in the chorus.