Brad Paisley Really Did FaceTime Carrie Underwood for “Remind Me” While He Was on Stage in London

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For a few years now, Brad Paisley has been FaceTime’ing Carrie Underwood from the stage when it’s time for him to perform their No. 1 hit single, “Remind Me.”

For the most part, these duets are pre-recorded. Hilarious, but pre-recorded.

Until now! While Brad was in Europe for the C2C Festival and on stage in London, Carrie was actually live on FaceTime with him and the crowd. You can tell it’s real because it takes a second for her to get it set up and then, for a split second she almost sang too soon.

At the end, Carrie says, “Thank you! Wish I could be there, because this is better, because I don’t actually have to be with Brad.”

To which Brad replied, “Shut up!”

The crowd roared.

Brad just celebrated his 24th No. 1 hit with “Today,” and will release Love and War on April 21.