Vote Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood on November 8?

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As Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood gear up to host the 50th Annual CMA Awards on November 2 (for the ninth consecutive year), it seems like the superstars might be tossing their hats (or maybe just Brad’s hat) into another ring– the presidential election.

During a time when so Americans are struggling with who to vote for as the 45th President of the United States, the CMA asks, “How ’bout PAISLEY UNDERWOOD 2016?!”

In thinking about these two as candidates for the highest office(s) in the land, we did some digging and think it could work. (Ignore the fact that Underwood isn’t old enough.)

First off, these two have excellent chemistry. Check out the look they give each other at the end of the “Forever Country” video. that’s a connection that could work well on The Hill.


Then, there’s their onstage chemistry, connection and timing. The Situation Room needs more of this.

Plus, according to Paisley, Underwood adores everything about him. That’s good for a working relationship.

Also, assuming Paisley would be POTUS, Underwood takes direction very well.

And if you’re wondering– yes, Underwood is Paisley’s first choice as running mate. This ain’t no bottom of the barrell pairing.

These two are always doing nice things for each other and others. Once, Underwood just asked Paisley for tickets to a Rolling Stones concert he was playing. Instead of tickets he brought her out on stage to sing with him.

We’re totally convinced– Paisley Underwood 2016!