Brad Paisley Helped Plan an Elaborate Proposal for a Special Fan and Then Filmed It For Him

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Brad Paisley is pretty into a good love story. And even though he’s a country music legend in the making, he’s still totally willing to help turn a good love story into a great love story.

Walking on stage, Jason Smith and his girlfriend Courtney Larger, were greeted by Paisley and thousands of screaming fans– an awesome experience, no doubt. When they got to center stage, Paisley explained why these random people were interrupting the concert.

“I was in Phoenix and the security was really…a bit over protective and they kept a guy from getting to me that had something in his pocket that he wanted to do something with. He wrote me on Twitter and I saw and said, ‘let’s do this right,'” he said.

So like the amazing, and maybe slightly sappy, man Paisley is, he scheduled meet and greet passes for Larger and Smith and got them up to Nevada for the concert. Somehow, Smith convinced Larger that he had won the passes in a contest and she believed him.

Right before Paisley went into “Little Moments,” which is a beautiful love song that he wrote for his wife, he brought the couple on stage for the proposal. Paisley, grinning about a mile wide during the whole proposal, watched as Larger became overwhelmed with tears and nearly forgot to say yes.

Finally, the crowd erupted as Smith put a ring on Larger’s finger and Paisley began the perfect love song for the occasion.