Brad Paisley Sings a Song About North Carolina’s Transgender Bathroom Law

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Country sensation Brad Paisley isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Whether he’s sharing racy (but hilarious) thoughts on Twitter or making jokes about pertinent social issues at the CMAs, we know where the 43-year-old artist stands on most current events — and that’s something we love about him.

Recently, while on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Brad once again voiced his opinion, seemingly taking a stand against (or at least make fun of) North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law, which demands people use the bathroom that coincides with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

After pulling out his conveniently placed guitar and informing the audience that “country music dealt with this [issue] in the ’60s,” Brad performed an altered version of Tammy Wynette‘s classic “Stand by Your Man” that featured plenty of bathroom humor and lines like, “Hike up your dress, and take a stand. And sit by your man.”