Tyler Farr Survived Touring With Brad Paisley … And Even Pranked His Headliner

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Going on the road with Brad Paisley can be an adventure.

This summer, Tyler Farr learned this for himself.

“It was good, he’s become one of my good friends,” Tyler says. “Luckily he likes me, so I made it the whole tour I didn’t get kicked off.”

That’s likely because he was able to dish it out as well as take it.

“There was a lot of pranking that went on, though,” Tyler admits. “Ran over me in some go-carts, put my face on a Sumo wrestler and put ‘Rio Olympics’ up there during a show. I carried a lot of foreign objects, including a plunger, a full keg, a suitcase and a cooler out on stage during his song ‘Alcohol’…it was a lot of shenanigans.”