Brandy Clark Says She Got The Phrase “Big Day In A Small Town” From Facebook

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GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Brandy Clark is making waves with her album, Big Day In A Small Town.

She recently performed a few songs off her album for Rolling Stone Country, including “Daughter,” “Drinkin’, Smokin’, Cheatin’,” and her title track, “Big Day In A Small Town.” Along with her performance, she spoke about some of her tracks and the inspiration behind them.

“Right after I had completed 12 Stories,’ I was working with Shane McAnally and Mark Sanders and I had seen a friend of mine on Facebook had written, “I washed my hair and drove into town twice. Now that’s a big day in a small town.” and that instantly resonated with me being from a small town and I just thought that sounds amazing,” Clark said.

Most of the characters that Clark sings about on the song are inspired from people she knows.

“The characters in ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ are from my home town. They might not have done those specific things, but I had those specific people in my head when we were writing it. The trick on that song was to make it real, but not too real,” she said.

Clark also discussed her track, “Daughter.” The song, she says, is all about hoping karma plays it’s role on others.

“I was writing with Jeremy Spillman and Jessie Jo Dillon and Jessie was telling us a story about the night before and how she had been out at a bar and she had seen this guy who was making fun of some girls,” Clark said. “She was talking about all the things she wishes would have happened to him and I said I hope he has a daughter and Jeremy started playing that and it was off to the races.”

One of the more memorable lines in the track is the cuss word at the end, which Clark didn’t hesitate to comment on.

“People love a good cuss word,” Clark laughed.