9 Best Lines From Brandy Clark’s ‘Big Day in a Small Town’ Album

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Brandy Clark is an extremely talented artist, but perhaps her greatest strength is songwriting. Her new album, Big Day in a Small Town, is a collection of stories that could all have happened in one place on a given day. And anyone who has ever spent time in a small town — shout out to Andrew, Iowa, where I did my time — likely knows the characters and situations. Some are fun, others inspiring, and some will break your heart.

Here are the best lines from Brandy’s newest album:

1. “If you want the girl next door / Then go next door” // “Girl Next Door”

2. “Too bad love ain’t a local parade / In your uncle’s Corvette on a Saturday / With all the little girls waiting on you to wave” // “Homecoming Queen”

3. “We dig our own ditches, we roll our own smokes / And we’re secretly wishing that grandma would croak” // “Broke”

4. “There ain’t no mall, no waffle house / But there’s always somethin’ to talk about” // “Big Day in a Small Town”

5. “Her mama didn’t know she was nine months late / Been gettin’ on her ’bout gainin’ weight / And now she’s a grandma” // “Big Day in a Small Town”

6. “A real life hero if you ask me / ‘Cause those kids ain’t gonna raise themselves” // “Three Kids No Husband”

7. “But what goes around comes around / So I hope you have a daughter” // “Daughter”

8. “I ain’t been drinkin’, smokin’ or cheatin’ / Cause if I was, I’d be losing you” // “Drinkin’, Smokin’ or Cheatin'”

9. “Since you’ve gone to Heaven, the whole world’s gone to Hell” // “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven”

Brandy Clark – Big Day in a Small Town