Brantley Gilbert Gushes About His New Son— "He's Got Me Wrapped Around His Little Finger"

Brantley Gilbert Gushes About His New Son— “He’s Got Me Wrapped Around His Little Finger”

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Brantley Gilbert welcomed his first born child, Barrett Hardy-Clay, into the world on Nov. 11, 2017. The new dad has been hanging around the house with his wife and son, but is also gearing up for his brand new Ones That Like Me Tour kicking off in 2018.

Brantley took over Nash Nights Live’s Facebook page to talk to fans and take on any questions they might have. As you can guess, most of the questions were about the baby and Brantley was happy to share all about the little guy.

“We just had a beautiful little boy on the eleventh, so we haven’t been far from the house,” Brantley said in the Facebook Live video. “I was on dad duty for a little this morning. I would show you the baby, he’s right in there, but we just got him laid down so he’s sleeping good, either that or he’s feeding and I ain’t fixing to show you all no boob. Sorry, but that’s my wife.

“That little man, I’m telling you, it’s everything everybody said it would be and more. He’s like a million answered prayers traded in for sleep. But he’s been awesome. I never smiled so big in my life and he can’t even smile yet. He’s got me wrapped around his little finger.”

And as for Brantley lending a hand to help out his wife with the new baby, the Georgia native says he doing his part with diaper duty.

“A lot of you are asking questions about sleep and as you can tell I’m looking real wretched. This little man hasn’t figured out his sleep schedule yet. So we haven’t figured out ours,” added Brantley. “I can tell you I have the most wonderful wife in the world. She has woken up with him every time. I try to do what I can but she’s got it under wraps. Yes fellas I am changing diapers. I’ve changed quite a few actually. I usually take the night shift and that seems to be a pretty active time for his stuff. So yeah, I’ve changed quite a few.”

The “Bottoms Up” singer went on to show off his Christmas decorations, his dog and answer more questions from fans, even going so far as to sing happy birthday to a lucky one.

You can catch Brantley when he head out on his Ones That Like Me Tour with Aaron Lewis and Josh Phillips, kicking off Feb. 1 at DCU Center in Worcester, Mass.

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