Brett Eldredge Releases Video For “Castaway,” The Most Honest Song He’s Ever Written

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Brett Eldredge believe in his new album so much that he named it after himself. It’s not for a lack of creativity, but the strong belief that the album is 100% true to who he is. It’s him in musical form. Eldredge just released a music video for his newest single, “Castaway,” the “most honest song” he’s ever written.

In an Instagram post teasing the music video, Eldredge wrote:

Love is hard… Should I run towards it or get far away from it? I am always stuck somewhere in between… Here’s the most honest song I have ever written…Castaway.

The song is a window into how Eldredge views his singleness and the struggle of finding love. The video heightens the feeling of loneliness as Eldredge grabs a drink by himself before walking to a completely empty The Ryman Auditorium. Eldredge then sings from the heart for no one, or so he thinks.

The video is hopeful; his love interest is right in front of him. The fact that he doesn’t notice her while singing about being lonely, puts a tragic filter over the ballad.

If you want to know how Brett feels about his love life, this is your answer.