Brett Eldredge is Single and Ready To Mingle—Are You?

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Brett Eldredge is really getting into the holiday spirit…or maybe he’s dipped into the spirits. The 31-year-old has been posting some interesting and hilarious videos on Instagram, but his newest post takes the cake.

Brett and a few friends decided to find that special someone for the holidays in an episode of Christmas Bachelors. Brett plays himself and a few other characters and has his friends join in to find their perfect lady

“Hi I’m Brett Eldredge and I am looking for that special, special lady to bring home for the holidays,” he says kicking off the video. Seems normal, right? However, it gets better.

Brett takes on the role of the long haired rocker:

And the sentimental nerdy guy.

“What am I looking for in a gal? I’m looking for a deep soul, deep heart,” Brett says. So, does anyone out there fit the bill?

However, the best line of the video comes from the spirit whisperer of Shakespearean times. “I don’t prefer women who are able to breathe,” he says. Fair enough, that somewhat limits the pool a little bit, but to each his own.

Ok ladies, first come first serve, good luck.