Brett Eldredge Says There Is a Person Who Might Claim a Song on His New Self-Titled Album Is About Them

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It’s quite common for artists to self-title their albums. However, when they do it, they normally do it for their first album, not their third. That’s exactly what Brett Eldredge has done, though, with his new album because its the most personal that he’s ever released.

Brett co-wrote every song on the project, which covers all types love — from brotherly to lost and longing. He also co-produced it, giving him a direct impact on both the lyrics and the sound.

“I wasn’t purposefully thinking of Lionel Richie but I love [him] and listened to a lot of that growing up,” Brett told One Country and a group of media about the album’s soulful sound. “I put a lot of focus on the depth of vocals and showing more of that now. With the lyrics and the depth of it all, note for note, word for word, I put much more emphasis on that now than before.”

And while he isn’t giving us any details, it sounds like his own personal life is directly reflected in this project as well.

“There’s probably a song where someone is going to listen and say, ‘That’s about me,’ and I love that,” he said. “No one is going to know exactly who that person is and if they say it’s them, I will probably never say it was them … there’s definitely someone who will hear a song or two on here and think it’s about them.”

Brett Eldredge