Brett Eldredge’s New Single “The Long Way” Is the “Deepest” Love Song He’s Ever Written

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Brett Eldredge took a chance with new song, “The Long Way.” He wrote with a new writer — Matt Rogers — to create a much deeper love song than he’s ever written before.

“‘The Long Way’ is a look into what I want to find in love,” Brett explains. “It’s about getting to know somebody more than just on the surface, getting to know somebody deep down to their core. It’s more than just taking the long way around their town, it’s through their imagination. It’s them telling you everything about where they came from. You want to know every single detail – where they wrecked their bike the first time, where their parents fell in love, the lot where the car they drove in high school is sitting. I think this song says don’t be afraid to have that conversation, don’t be afraid to get to know that person.”

Brett recently told
One Country and other media outlets about how intimate this new, self-titled album.

“There’s probably a song where someone is going to listen and say, ‘That’s about me,’ and I love that,” he said. “No one is going to know exactly who that person is and if they say it’s them, I will probably never say it was them … there’s definitely someone who will hear a song or two on here and think it’s about them.”

While he didn’t come out and says it,
Brett — who confirmed that he was single — made it seem like those songs are more “breakup” tunes. So, if “The Long Way” sounds like the love story you’re looking for, you may have a shot.