11 Questions I Have About Brett Eldredge’s Christmas Dinner With A Creepy Human-ish Version Of His Dog

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Comedy is tough, man. Someone who can crack jokes isn’t necessarily going to be funny in front of a camera. Ole Brett Eldredge is finding that out the hard way.

You go into a Brettmas video expecting something good but get something very, very different.

Brettmas is a higher quality version of those silly videos you made with your friends in high school. They were really funny to you but just left everyone else confused. They are (supposedly) a look into the wacky world of Brett Eldredge and are aimed at promoting his new album, but he never mentions the music and it just seems like Brett is trying really hard to convince us he is funny.

You don’t laugh when you watch them, you just have questions.

  1. “Edgar, you are basically a human, I want you to act like a human.” Do you need a real human friend, BE? I’m concerned.
  2. Why is he scolding his dog so much?
  3. Microwave meals can’t be good for dogs. Or are there doggy microwave meals?
  4. Uh, that’s not a McRib. Also, the McRib is not back right now. Has Brett ever seen a McRib?
  5. Are those Edgar’s hands? But, why?
  6. Is Brett mad at me for not dunking gingerbread men in whiskey? Geez, let me just eat my cookie.
  7. Is Brett’s house dangerously close to nuclear waste that has mutated his dog? I hope not. That would be dangerous.
  8. Is this really what a family Christmas looks like for Brett? Fake McRibs, cookies, and whiskey? #bachelorlife
  9. How many times does Brett look right down the barrel of the camera while “acting”? Answer: approx. 1 time per second. Proof:
  10. Brett knows it’s rude and very odd for a host to leave as soon as guests come over, right? That’s hospitality 101, bro.
  11. Is he going to make more of these? I hope not, but fear that he will.