Brittany Aldean Has Reached the Stage of Her Pregnancy Where She’s Crying Uncontrollably and Jason Doesn’t Mind Videoing It


Brittany Aldean is in the homestretch of her pregnancy and her husband Jason isn’t afraid to have a little fun at her expense.

Most recently, Jason shared a video on Instagram of Brittany crying uncontrollably, but also laughing. Jason asked her, “hey, why are you crying?”

Her answer was simple,”because I’m uncomfortable! And hormonal! Leave me alone!”

Somebody has lost it!!! ☝🏼🤯🤰🏼#pregnantpeopleproblems 🤣🤣🤣

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Brittany also shared on Instagram that she feels like she’s in the homestretch of this thing. Memphis should be here in December.

Home “stretch” 😝👶🏼 (Top is @caliabycarrie )

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But, before the Aldeans welcome home a newborn, they’re still out on the town having some fun.

When u find a dryer sheet in ur pants at Target. #atleastmyshitisclean😜

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Guns N Roses with baby daddy🤘🏼 ….. yup, still really pregnant😝

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