Brittany Aldean Had to Get Jason Aldean to Tie Her Shoes Before Heading Out on a Date Night


Not too long ago Brittany Aldean had reached the point in her pregnancy where she was crying for no reason. Her husband, Jason Aldean, was at the point of her pregnancy where he was filming it for the world to see. Now, Brittany has moved into one of the final stages of pregnancy– I can’t tie my shoes, wait, I can’t see my shoes stage.

Before heading out on a date night with Jason, Brittany shared a photo of her man tying up her boots for her, saying, “Can’t. Reach. Them.” Also, those are some tall boots, so this was probably a bit more of a task than Jason originally thought.

Can’t. Reach. Them. 👐🏼

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Date Night🌙🌑

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Brittany and Jason are all set and ready to welcome baby boy Memphis to the world before the end of the year. His nursery is ready, he has two college football teams to choose from and dad is off the road for a little while to handle diaper duty. Plus, his buddy baby Hubbard will be here soon too.

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