TJ Osborne Joked That He Wants To Mount His CMA Awards Onto His ’92 Dodge Ram Like Bullhorns

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The Brother’s Osborne made a huge statement last night by taking home two trophies during the 51st CMA Awards. Most artists display the iconic award in their home or office. But TJ Osborne has a better idea. He wants to mount his awards to the front of his ’92 Dodge Ram like a set of longhorns.

During a backstage interview the brothers were asked if they will carry their trophies on the road with them. TJ responded, “I always wanted two [CMA Awards] so I could do the bullhorns on my car– on my ’92 Dodge Ram.”

John then tempered the joking with a more honest answer.

“I really don’t know where to put these things,” he laughed. “I just moved into a new house and I’m going to have to build a spot to put them.”

Honestly, though, we like the bullhorn idea.

It’s the country version of Tom Hank’s hood ornament.

TJ’s truck is pretty amazing as it is, but some CMA Award-horns would be legendary.

1992 Diesel Dodge Ram 250. Glorious.

Congratulations, Brothers. You deserve it!